90% of DECISION MAKERS never answer cold calls

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Electrometals – Case Study

Increased qualified leads 260% and added $2M into sales pipeline

Electrometals-logotrevor“I can’t begin to tell you how good you made me look. The results we received were nothing short of amazing!”

– Trevor Bergfeldt, VP of Sales, Electrometals


  • 90% of client base in one sector; a sector experiencing an economic downturn
    No targeted database of potential leads


  • Diversify the client base to attract clients from multiple sectors
    Impact the speed of the buyer’s journey through trust and authority-building initiatives


  • Cultivate and grow valuable, long-term databases of prospects
    Build and execute ongoing ‘drip messaging’ campaign for top-of-mind awareness

Why LinkedIn?

  • Ability to use precise targeting to find and connect with the exact desired audience


  • $2 Million Added To Sales Pipeline
  • Campaign ROI of over 700%
  • Increased QUALIFIED leads by 260%
  • 20.6% Lead Conversion Rate
  • 167% increase in connections

The Story

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Electrometals is a world leader in metal recovery based on their patented technology and supported by their international team of engineers and metal specialists. The main client base was traditionally in the mining sector, but with the market downturn, VP of Sales, Trevor Bergfeldt identified the need to focus on other industries, including recycling facilities.

Trevor wanted to accelerate the standard buying cycle, which took between 18 to 24 months. Traditional marketing methods were not effective in connecting with key decision makers and cold calls proved inefficient.

Focus On Relationship Building First

Trevor connected with Linked Into Leads to create and execute a lead building strategy using LinkedIn.
As LinkedIn is the #1 resource for business professionals, the expectation was high – and the results surpassed expectation. Electrometals turned to Linked Into leads to execute and deliver the following:

  1. Establish Electrometals as Industry experts and build trust with target audience.
  2. Identify and connect with target decision makers in specific industry sectors.

Achieving high ROI through customized messaging

The execution consisted of a three part strategy:

  1. Foundation: Trevor’s LinkedIn profile was modified to include clear benefit statements and calls to action for his target audience.
  2. Targeting: We created an ideal target prospect profile, identified which LinkedIn Groups the target audience belonged to, and drafted customized messaging scripts that would allow Trevor to introduce himself in a non-invasive or sales-based manner.
  3. Development: We executed the message strategy and ensured that Trevor’s Linkedin profile was viewed by over 200 targeted contacts per day.

“Since engaging Linked Into Leads our leads have never dropped back to what they were and are month over month at least 100% more than before”Ian Ewart, CEO, Electrometals

Electrometals have retained Linked Into Leads on a monthly subscription basis to perform awareness and brand-building activities. Two more Campaigns are being developed with the objective of setting up meetings with decision makers at upcoming conferences and filling the sales pipeline for the next 12 to 18 months.