90% of DECISION MAKERS never answer cold calls

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Naturally Splendid – Case Study

Targeting decision makers with dynamically customized LinkedIn messages

dennis-colon-headshotNaturally-Splendid-green-logo“The campaign was the most surprising and effective tool used in the history of my sales experience in how to connect with people”

Dennis Colon – Director, Business Development, Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd


  • Reach key stakeholders in targeted companies to drive consideration for product and Naturally Splendid as a partner
  • Leverage Director of Business Development, Dennis’ individual brand power to enhance the Company brand
  • Enhance Naturally Splendid’s reputation and thought leadership in food production and healthcare industries


  • Lack of industry awareness of the technology and product
  • “Traditional” lead generation was ineffective; cold calling and emails were not generating interest
  • No relationships with key influencers in food production industry


  • Target and connect with relevant audiences and regularly engage
  • Educate audience on product benefits through sharing content in Groups and directly

Why LinkedIn?

  • Effective reach into the companies targeted by Naturally Splendid, with the ability to segment the campaign by company and specific job roles
  • Ability to build trust based on employee and company brands in unison

Why Linked Into Leads?

  • Experts in understanding how to use the platform and messaging required to achieve optimal responses
  • Reputation as relationship builders, not spammers


  • Campaign messaging received a 70% reply rate
  • 66% connection growth in targeted niche in 10 days
  • 12 qualified leads in first 7 days
  • Meeting arranged with “ideal” connection day 1 of campaign
  • 550% Increase in profile views in first 2 weeks
  • Requested to be a panel expert on topic at local university (see actual message below)


The Story

Naturally Splendid Enterprises Inc. is a biotechnology company specializing in the development, commercialization, and licensing for a new generation of hemp-derived, high quality, nutrient-dense omega foods, nutritional food enhancers and similar products.

A new player in the health food sector, Naturally Splendid was finding it difficult to gain the attention of key decision makers in the crowded industry.  They wanted to differentiate themselves from the ‘noise’ and were seeking a progressive way of connecting with precisely targeted prospects in order to communicate their unique value proposition.

Linked Into Leads were engaged to create and execute a brand and authority building campaign through the LinkedIn platform.  The goal was to get the attention of key decision makers and the response was overwhelming.  As Craig Goodwin, CEO, stated; “We thought there was an opportunity and completely underestimated how huge that opportunity is, it’s been a fantastic experience so far”.

Connecting; Not Spamming

Naturally Splendid shared our zero tolerance policy for spamming.  We were targeting industry professionals in positions of authority and one bad experience could have a huge impact on both Naturally Splendid’s and Dennis’ reputation.  Linked Into Leads ensured from the outset that in all areas of engagement, Naturally Splendid were experienced in a professional light.

We achieved this in four ways:

  1. Profile Optimization -Dennis’ profile spoke to the audience, communicated key messaging and the depth of his personal experience
  2. Lead Targeting – The database was exclusively companies and contacts who would directly benefit from Naturally Splendid’s technologies
  3. Campaign Strategy – All messages and content shared were drafted from a value-add standpoint
  4. Training – Dennis was coached on LinkedIn ‘etiquette’


Developing Genuine Relationships

The strategy was a success and response incredible. As Dennis Colon, VP Business Development stated; “7 out of 10 connections are actually coming back and we are taking that initial connection and going further”.  Regarding the customized messages, Dennis noted “The scripting is unassuming, people want to talk and network.  The way that the scripts are developed, it’s a simple connection and there is genuine intrigue on both sides re future opportunities”.

Achieving Measurable Business Impact

The results were astounding.  Day 1 of the campaign Dennis received a response from a prospect identified in the discovery phase as an ideal connection.  There were 11 more direct meeting requests in the next 9 days.  At no point did the messaging include a direct ‘ask’ or specifically target any one individual; the campaign was rolled out to the 300 person database that was researched by the Linked Into Leads Team.

In just 10 days Dennis’ professional network had grown by 78 new, targeted connections in his industry.  This represented a 66% increase in his total connections.  Within two weeks of the campaign launch, Dennis’ social influence had increased by 550% and he had received a request to appear as a panel expert at a local university.


“Its more than I expected.  I would say anyone who is promoting a product or a service or a product absolutely take advantage of this program because the results are higher than any other tool I have used in my sales history” Dennis Colon

And this was just the first 10 days….