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Pawsitive Fx – Case Study

Increased brand exposure by 390% and connected with key industry influencers

Pawsitive-FX-logoandy-birchall-headshot“Most companies have no idea how powerful LinkedIn can be and provided you are taught how to use it properly, the exposure you can get and the scope of reach that you can get to is phenomenal.”

Andy Birchall, Brand Manager, Pawsitive Fx


  • Low ROI from traditional lead generation
  • No brand power and limited industry network


  • Cultivate and grow relationships with distributors and increase brand presence
  • Identify experience pet industry veterans for board positions


  • Build and execute customized messaging campaigns on LinkedIn to reach these targets or prospects

Why LinkedIn?

  • Precise targeting of influencers by seniority, industry, job function and geography


  • 16 qualified leads in 2 weeks
  • Contract with National Distributor, 2 international contracts pending
  • Relationship formed with founder of largest pet retail chain in North America
  • Partner messages delivered at an open rate of 37%
  • 390% Increase in profile views in 24 days
  • Social ranking jumped 58% in first 2 weeks of campaign

The Story

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Pawsitive Fx produces and distributes pet care products in North America. As an emerging company in the industry, they were finding it difficult to identify and develop relationships with industry influencers and distributors. They were using traditional sales and marketing methods with very low returns on investment. Furthermore, they were new to the industry and had no ambassadors to support their brand.

Pawsitive Fx connected with Linked Into Leads to create and execute a highly-targeted brand building strategy through the LinkedIn platform. For Pawsitive Fx, the motivation for working with Linked Into Leads was three fold:

  1. Reach the relevant audience efficiently
  2. Target specific decision-makers and influencers
  3. Establish themselves as industry experts

Rapid results; authentic connections

The campaign was incredibly successful – 16 qualified leads in just 14 days. A contract has been signed with a distributor in Canada and another 2 are pending in the US.

Outside of our main Campaign, Andy was able to leverage our training to secure huge results on his own. After searching the platform and finding the profile of the Founder of PetSmart, one of the largest pet retail chains in North America, Andy contacted his Project Manager. We drafted a customized message which resulted in an accepted LinkedIn connection within 20 minutes – they had a call the next day. This relationship is now developing, and has resulted in direct referrals to six other industry influencers. This represents a true testament to the authenticity of the training and messaging, and proof that people are genuinely on LinkedIn to connect.

4 Step Engagement Strategy

  1. Foundation: Andy’s LinkedIn profile was modified to include clear benefit statements and calls to action for his target audience.
  2. Development: We created an ideal target prospect database, identified which LinkedIn Groups the target audience belonged to, and drafted customized messaging scripts that highlighted Andy’s shared interests with his target audience.
  3. Execution: We executed the messaging and content strategy, and – with the help of proprietary software – visited the profiles of over 3,000 targeted contacts per day.
  4. Training: We worked with the Pawsitive Fx at their office to ensure they understood the potential of LinkedIn, how to navigate the platform, and the LinkedIn Daily Success Routine.

Outsourced junior sales team

Given the impact of the campaign, Pawsitive Fx will be continuing using Linked Into Leads as their external branding and business development team.

When asked about the marketing campaign Andy stated:

“It makes it a lot easier when you have somebody else doing the work of going through the database and sending messages out, helping on the legwork side of things and highlighting the bits that I actually need to take some action with.”