90% of DECISION MAKERS never answer cold calls

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Linked Into Leads provides training and products to:

  • B2B Sales Professionals
  • Investor Relations
  • Marketing
  • Recruiting / HR
  • Entrepreneurs

B2B Sales Professionals

We have worked with professionals from a vast array of industries including: software, industrial designers, mining professionals, financial professionals, mortgage brokers, engineering firms, foresters, hoteliers – you name it – your clients are on LinkedIn! If you are looking to fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads and high conversion rates, contact us today.

Investor Relations

As a business owner, you are challenged with growing your business and increasing shareholder value for your company. Traditional Investor Relations best practices are outdated and not providing you a positive return on investment.  Our solutions provide you with a way to identify and connect with potential investors and VC’s while building your brand and ensuring shareholder retention.

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As a marketing professional it is your job to increase your company brand awareness and communicate your unique selling points to your target audience. LinkedIn is considered the most effective tool for B2B lead generation with 80% of leads coming from the platform. Our solutions help you maximize the reach of your employee’s networks and build communities with a measurable ROI.

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Recruiting / HR

Your staff are your most valuable asset, and recruiting is a top priority for every firm. Studies show that over 93% of recruiters have reported hiring someone through LinkedIn – with so many “head hunters” online, how do you ensure that you stand out when contacting prospective applicants?  We offer reasonably priced packages for clients who:

  • Don’t have a standard recruiting process or not enough time to recruit the open position;
  • Have seen high turnover rates for the position and seek expert help;
  • Have posted the position and have not received the response you desire;
  • Do not have internal HR and would rather outsource hiring than do it internally.

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Entrepreneurs & Job Seekers

As serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand your needs and requirements. Set yourself up for success by learning how to get LinkedIn to work for you!

Or, want to find your perfect job which allows you to be the creative, inspirational hub you were born to be? No problemo. We will teach you how to be found for the skills which matter to you!