50% Of Buyers Purchase From The First Seller To Contact Them

We Have The Solution!


The Challenge

LIL-Buyers-JourneyAny prospective job-seeker experiences a journey similar to the Buyers Journey.  In order to communicate a message, need, or opportunity to your target audience, they first need to know you exist (Awareness).  Once they know who you are and what you can offer, they will then do their research to see if you have something of value to offer (Consideration) and if qualified, they will compare you to your competition (Evaluation) before making a decision.


Why LinkedIn?


Do you select candidates using an online job posting or resume screening tool? If so, this “hands off” system probably means you are missing a huge opportunity to ensure you find the top talent for your firm. What will bring you superior hires? Our team works with you to select candidates on the following qualities (and more!)

  • Location
  • Current or past companies or positions
  • Current or past industries or education
  • Native languages
  • Years of experience in specific industry
  • Interests, including sports, hobbies, organizations, NFPs
  • Your current and extended network

The First Impression

Just as a candidate’s first impression is critical, your company’s first impressions are crucial. Our team works extensively with your executives to craft a friendly, non-abrasive hiring strategy, eliminating any chance of that sour first impression.

Use Your Team: A Recruitment Strategy

Leverage your current talent to continue to attract new applicants who fit your culture and contribute positively to your bottom line. We provide full-office training solutions, whether they are half-days, full-days, conference speaking, or even just a Lunch and Learn.

Managing Prospective Candidates

Once our campaigns begin, you’ll probably start receiving inquiries from both your targeted leads and other potential applicants in your extended network. Our staff will qualify these responses according to our lead funnel and only hand you qualified and interested candidates. Then, it is your job to pick up the phone. schedule the interview, and make the offer!

Our Solutions

Need to recruit top talent? You can plan your recruitment to hire qualified, committed, employees. We’ll show you how. Our packages for talent recruitment on LinkedIn…

  • Ensure that you have access to the largest pool of qualified and desired applicants possible
  • Qualify your desired candidates for your position, not the other way around
  • Significantly decrease the time you spend on hiring new people

Your consultant will work closely with you to…

  • Determine your need for a new hire
  • Develop a list of prospective candidates from your criteria
  • Review the replies you receive and identify your best candidates

Disclaimer: The success of our LinkedIn recruitment strategies are highly dependent on your hiring process, needs, and current online presence of your company. Please contact us below to request a quote.

Online Training

LIF-LogoLinkedInfluence ($97 usd) – Discover the #1 LinkedIn online training program that over 18,000 job seekers, entrepreneurs and business professionals are using to get unbelievable results with Linkedin.

30DSM-logo30 Day Sales Machine ($997 usd) – Fill your sales pipeline in 30 days with our step-by-step program that will teach you ONLY what you need to know to execute a LinkedIn campaign and fill your inbox with qualified leads.

Live Training

LIL-3.4-LinkedIn-Team-Training-Feature-BoxLinkedIn Team Training ($1997 – $5997) – Our team training solutions are industry specific and customized to meet the needs of our audience (beginner to advanced). We will discuss your sales and marketing needs in advance, send out a preliminary questionnaire to the participants, create a dynamic presentation and offer follow up consultations to ensure your team has the knowledge and support to see measurable results from the LinkedIn training.

Lead Generation

LIL-4-Linkedin-Lead-Generation-Feature-BoxLinkedIn Campaigns (Starting at $997/mn) – Our lead generation solutions help you connect with your buyers in a non-salesy way and position you as a trusted authority in your industry…not just another a sales person.  We take 90% of the work off your plate so you can focus ONLY on the most qualified leads in your LinkedIn inbox.  Think of us as your outsourced sales and marketing team that will help your business reach a new level of success!

Keynote Speaking

LinkedIn Keynote LIL-3.5-LinkedIn-Keynote-Speaking-Feature-BoxSpeaking (Variable) – Looking for an exceptional, informative keynote speaker whose content will keep your audience engaged and entertained?  Trevor Turnbull delivers more than just tips on how to use LinkedIn – his presentations deliver comprehensive strategies for lead generation and success leaving all attendees with specific valuable, actionable items for immediate implementation.

Our Process

We have developed a LinkedIn Campaign process that takes the guess work out of leveraging LinkedIn as a Lead Generation tool.  Our process involves a 3 phase approach that includes:

  • The Foundation (Personal & Business Profile Makeovers)
  • Lead Targeting (Project Discovery, Market Research & Messaging Strategy)
  • Lead Development (Campaign Execution, Monitoring & Reporting)