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Sales and marketing has changed over the past 15 years with technology. And with that change comes opportunity, but also frustration and overwhelm for many of the clients and student we work with. The truth is….what used to work, still works. Building authentic, value-first relationships with prospects is what gets them to know, like and trust you.

For this reason, we don’t use “bots” or “automation tools” in our process because your reputation is everything. And since most B2B transactions have longer sales cycles and/or involve multiple decision makers, it’s critical that your outbound marketing efforts include a high attention to detail so you don’t say the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Our role in supporting our clients and students is to empower them to build those relationships by removing the TECHnology frustrations, with the full support from our TEAM of experts so you can focus your TIME on the activities that will provide you the maximum return on investment.

We have supported 1000’s of entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals to turn cold leads into warm prospects and more clients leveraging LinkedIn. And, those clients have closed millions in new business following our simple 3 step formula for success (Clarity, Connect, Convert).

Our Authentic LinkedIn Lead
Generation Process







Your success in prospecting on LinkedIn starts with identifying your ideal target prospect.

Getting laser focused…even if you have a service or product that can serve everyone..everywhere…is critical to success in using LinkedIn to prospect. We work with our clients to “pick one” niche…while remembering, there's a difference between limiting what you do and limiting what you talk about. Knowing that 90% of the buyer’s journey may be complete before your prospects contact you and the limited attention span of people in general today in a digital world, your first impression needs to clearly outline who you serve, how you serve them, why they should trust you and how they can find out more about the products/services you offer.

The power of LinkedIn is amplified by growing your targeted 1st degree network.

In order the leverage the full power of LinkedIn, it is critical that you grow your 1st degree network consistently with targeted prospects. By doing so, you are building a “list” and have the ability to message those prospects with value-added messaging. We work with our clients to reach out to their desired clients and “get connected”. From there, we put together a focused messaging strategy to turn those prospects into “Marketing Qualified Leads”. 74% of prospects chose the company that was first to help them along their buyer’s journey. So, our goal is to proactively connect you with prospective buyers using an outbound strategy without any ad spend required.

Focus on value to turn Marketing Qualified Leads into Sales Qualified Leads.

If you are selling B2B products or services, it’s likely that your sales cycle is weeks long (if not months) and may involve multiple decision makers. What works in “real life” also works online. So, we work with our clients to build authentic relationships with their network and convert them into an email list or onto a discovery call using the only 2 funnels B2B companies need….an Authority Funnel and an Appointment Funnel. The key to our clients success is in how we track the data (replies) and strategically customize messaging that is authentic and focused on solving the challenges of your target audience. Our secret sauce is in our ability to scale these outbound messaging efforts. 🙂



90% of decision makers never answer cold calls


75% of buyers don’t believe sales reps understand their business


50% of deals are lost when you are not the first vendor in


20% of decision makers change roles every year

Our proven step-by-step proven LinkedIn lead generation process overcomes all of these sales challenges by consistently putting your product/service in front of your target audience, proactively growing your targeted prospect network and positioning you as a trusted expert that can solve the business problems of your ideal target prospect.

Our Clients Get Results!

58 Qualified Leads In 14 Days

LinkedIn to Leads has taken the legwork out of lead generation. Most companies have no idea how powerful LinkedIn can be, and provided they are guided in how to use it properly, the exposure and scope of reach that you can get is phenomenal.

Andy Birchall
President & CEO Brand Manager
Pawsitive FX™

550% Profile View Increase

The campaign was the most surprising and effective tool used in the history of my sales experience in how to connect with people…I would say anyone who is promoting a product or a service absolutely take advantage of this program.

Dennis Colon
Director, Business Development
Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd

Empowering LinkedIn Training

The hands-on training we received from Linked Into Leads has empowered our sales and marketing teams with the knowledge they need to leverage LinkedIn to grow our business in the future.

Bob Smart
President & CEO
Primex Manufacturing
I didn’t know much about sales and marketing and was always a bit afraid of approaching people to sell my services. The support I’ve received from Trevor and his team has resulted in so many meetings and I closed my first 5 figure contract within a few weeks of implementing the strategies he’s taught me!

Technology Consultant
They showed me how to put all the pieces together. I didn’t know what I needed to put together a marketing funnel. I’ve worked with them in the past and really trust them. If you want to take it to the next step, I’d highly recommend the Expert Selling Machine.

Susan Cullen
Leadership Trainer & Coach
They have real live meetings and really good interaction to help you get pointed in the right direction. It’s the team that really makes this work. You work through it at your own pace, but they’re there to encourage you and help you whenever you need it.

Chad McAllister
Product Manager Trainer
Trevor’s team is unique in the sense that they not only give you the tools to help you understand how to maximize your marketing effort, they also go into the mindset of an entrepreneur.

NLP Mentor & Speaker
They have a team of virtual assistants who will help in executing all the steps. They actually provide you assistance on implementing it, so it’s less of a drain on your time.

Manuj Aggarwal
Technology Consultant
In what I teach, I’m always encouraging business owners to surround themselves with experts at different areas where they need support. Expert Selling Machine had filled out their team that way and provided that. They deliver that for me.

Kerri Salls
Business Growth Strategist
They really helped me to define my niche and my offer. That’s always been really challenging for me. They have a really good tech support team that can help with setting up a lot of the backend systems that we need.

Chris McCoy
Lead Gen Specialist


Founder & CEO

Over the past 8 years, Trevor Turnbull has educated thousands of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals on how to get REAL results from LinkedIn. As the CEO of Linked Into Leads, Founder of the Expert Selling Machine mentoring program and instructor for the popular LinkedIn training programs LinkedInfluence (with over 23,000 members) and 30 Day Sales Machine (with over 1000 members), he has a solid history of providing results based training, mentoring & coaching. His “non-techie” teaching style and extensive background in traditional and online sales & marketing has provided him with the real world knowledge of how to apply LinkedIn strategies that are easy to implement and provide maximum return on time invested. As a topic expert on the topic of LinkedIn, Trevor has been hired by numerous Fortune 500 companies including General Motors, Raymond James and Bank of Montreal. He has also empowered amateur athletes in both the NCAA & Canadian Olympic Program to prepare for “life after sport” and has been quoted in many major publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur and others for all things LinkedIn Business!

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