[CASE STUDY] How This CPA Used LinkedIn To Land A $22,800 Accounting Client In 2 Weeks
If you are an Accounting professional, it's likely you've dealt with this scenario before in your business.  You spend a lot of
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You Don’t Need More Leads To Close More Sales
As a freelancer, coach or consultant, you (and only you) are responsible for your financial success. So, at the end
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Can LinkedIn Profinder Help You Land Freelancer Gigs?
Short answer….YES….LinkedIn is the most powerful social network available for freelancers to land new clients….especially when you proactively use it
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Stop Spamming Your Prospects On LinkedIn
I'm sure if you're reading this article and you currently use LinkedIn to prospect for new business, you don't do
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Why Trade Show Exhibitors Need To Use LinkedIn in 2016!
In this day and age, why do people still attend trade shows? Well, this Forbes study suggests that more and more
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